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At the birthplace of the Olympic Games

In the western Peloponnese, in Ilia, the unique beauty of the Alfeios River valley flourished the most glorious sanctuary of ancient Greece, dedicated to the father of the gods, Zeus.
It spreads to the southwestern foothills of the verdant Kronion hill, between the rivers Alfeios and Cladeos, which are united in this area.

Ancient Olympia was the venue for the Olympic Games (776 BC), which took place in the framework of the Olympians, the most important celebration of Greeks during most of antiquity. In Ancient Olympia, within the magnificent temple of the god, was the golden-ivory statue of Zeus, a work of Pheidias, which was known in antiquity as one of the seven wonders of the world. Today, in the museum, Hermes of Praxiteles hosted a masterpiece depicting the god Hermes holding the little Dionysus.

The entire archaeological site of Ancient Olympia outside the archaeological museum includes the temple of Zeus, the Philippion, the entrance to the ancient stadium and the gym.